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1. Contact details

Château Berliquet SCEA - Château Berliquet 33330 Saint-Emilion, France. Château Berliquet is the publisher of the Site of which Mr Nicolas AUDEBERT is the publication director in his capacity as director of the Company.

The Site is hosted by CLARANET, 68 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris - France. Telephone: + 33 (1) 70 13 70 00

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2. Intellectual property rights

Château Berliquet is the owner of the domain name. The Site is an intellectual work protected by intellectual property laws. The Site as a whole and each of the intellectual property elements that it contains (including texts, tree structures, software, animations, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, logos, trademarks, drawings and models) are the exclusive property of Château Berliquet and/or its affiliates worldwide and/or have been regularly licensed to Château Berliquet. Château Berliquet and/or its affiliates worldwide, is/are the only entity/ies entitled to use the associated intellectual property rights.

The use of all or part of the Site, in particular by downloading, reproducing, transmitting, representing or broadcasting any of its elements for purposes other than for your own personal use, for commercial or non-commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Breach of these provisions renders you liable to the penalties prescribed by law.

When you use a "Share" function offered on the Site in order to share a Château Berliquet product, event or communication, you acknowledge and agree that the content made available for sharing will be used for personal purposes only, and not for any commercial use on websites or web pages and/or any other digital medium used for commercial purposes.

Château Berliquet is free to modify the contents of the Site at any time and without notice.

3. Personal Data

Château Berliquet does not collect or process any personal data through the Site.

4. Cookies

Château Berliquet may collect information by installing a cookie or web beacon on your computer from the Site.

The cookies that Château Berliquet emits from the Site only enable us (and depending on the settings you choose for your device, which you can review at any time) to establish statistics, the volume of traffic and the use made of the Site (sections and content visited, browsing behaviour), allowing us to enhance the appeal and ergonomics of the services we offer you.

A cookie does not enable you to be identified; however, it records information relating to your computer's browsing on the Site (the pages you viewed, the date and time of viewing, etc.) that Château Berliquet and/or its technical service providers will be able to consult during your subsequent visits. Château Berliquet informs you that you can refuse the storage of "cookies" by configuring your browser as follows:

For Mozilla Firefox: Go to the "Tool" menu then "Options", Click on the \Privacy" icon, locate the "cookie" menu and select the options you prefer.

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For Google Chrome: Go to the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar, select Settings, then click on "show advanced settings", in the "privacy" section, click on the "content settings" button, then in the "cookies" section you can select the options that suit you.

5. Hypertext links

Hypertext links to the Site can only be created with the prior written consent of Château Berliquet. Château Berliquet can withdrawn its consent at any time.

All websites with a hypertext link to the Site are not under the control of Château Berliquet and Château Berliquet therefore declines any liability (in particular editorial) concerning the access to and content of these websites.

6. Warranties and Liability

Château Berliquet makes every effort to ensure that the information accessible via the Site is accurate and up to date. However, Château Berliquet makes no guarantee whatsoever that this information is accurate, complete and up to date. Château Berliquet does not provide any guarantee, express or tacit, with regard to all or any part of the Site.

Under no circumstances can Château Berliquet be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequence, resulting from the viewing or use of the Site. In particular, Château Berliquet declines all responsibility in the event of the interruption or inaccessibility of the Site, the occurrence of bugs, or any damage resulting from the fraudulent actions of third parties (such as hacking) from the Site.

Château Berliquet does not have any control over the risks associated with the operation of the Internet and draws your attention to the existence of possible risks in terms of the confidentiality of data transiting via this network.

8. Litigation

Château Berliquet does not have any control over the risks associated with the operation of the Internet and draws your attention to the existence of possible risks in terms of the confidentiality of data transiting via this network.

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